Sunday, February 28, 2010

Language barriers

You know, it's often my opinion that the people who look for coders on sites like Rentacoder, and the people they find, deserve each other. I just found this question:

I am working on a project which is related to addressing book but i m not getting its actual meaning.what is addressing book?

The only tag provided was 'Visual', so goodness knows what language/platform they are using ( experience suggests VB.NET/ASP.NET as the most likely ). The thing is, it's not some guy's fault that English is not his first language. Who pays a developer ( even if it's $5 a day ) to create a project, and then doesn't discuss the needs of the project sufficiently to provide a spec, or even to work out that the developer doesn't even know what the meaning is of the item they were asked to write ?

Thursday, February 25, 2010

If you outsource through a site like Rentacoder

Your project is likely to end up the subject of a forum post on a programming site, such as this:

My project is ERP sales module ,
but i dont get more details about it , if u have how erp screen and database and it's tables then plz send me or send details
on my email

my email is::


Monday, February 22, 2010

I think this speaks for itself

Subject: how can i access symptoms of one disease i want to calculate the percentage of disease from the symptoms in the database when the user enters its symptoms

Question: HI: i am new to u'r site,I am doing doctors decision support software which accept the symptoms of patient then calculate the percentage probability of related diseases then displaying the disease with its percentage when i traying to do the software the obove question is hard to me could u help me if u have any support , help ... on my project?

This is not AS bad ( in that people are not going to die over it )

Subject: meeting Arrangment System webapplication

Question: one Company given me one module Aboout Meeting Arrangment System to develope meeting arrangment system in using C#. it is one kind of Webapplication plz help me how to develop this kind of lapplication....plz reply as soon as possibe

People are paying for this code....

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I have to say, I didn't think I'd post here again. However, I've had a number of conversations recently where I've been told that a person is a 'trainee', which means they are not paid for their work, but they are working on a paid project, and basically given a task and asked to ask people online to do the work for them or tell them how it's done. This is a sample of the sort of question I mean:

my name is aman i am a devleoper /learner of i am developing a website of US Client in which client wants that my website couldnt open in india so what i have to do for this could please give me some idea and list of ip on behalf of that i can block it and my website dispaly a page with message country not allowed

I find it ironic that an American company pays an Indian 'learner' to develop a site that he then can't browse to. However, the point is, people are outsourcing, and probably have no idea that the people they are paying, are getting unpaid workers to write their code as a learning exercise.