Monday, February 22, 2010

I think this speaks for itself

Subject: how can i access symptoms of one disease i want to calculate the percentage of disease from the symptoms in the database when the user enters its symptoms

Question: HI: i am new to u'r site,I am doing doctors decision support software which accept the symptoms of patient then calculate the percentage probability of related diseases then displaying the disease with its percentage when i traying to do the software the obove question is hard to me could u help me if u have any support , help ... on my project?

This is not AS bad ( in that people are not going to die over it )

Subject: meeting Arrangment System webapplication

Question: one Company given me one module Aboout Meeting Arrangment System to develope meeting arrangment system in using C#. it is one kind of Webapplication plz help me how to develop this kind of lapplication....plz reply as soon as possibe

People are paying for this code....

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