Sunday, February 28, 2010

Language barriers

You know, it's often my opinion that the people who look for coders on sites like Rentacoder, and the people they find, deserve each other. I just found this question:

I am working on a project which is related to addressing book but i m not getting its actual meaning.what is addressing book?

The only tag provided was 'Visual', so goodness knows what language/platform they are using ( experience suggests VB.NET/ASP.NET as the most likely ). The thing is, it's not some guy's fault that English is not his first language. Who pays a developer ( even if it's $5 a day ) to create a project, and then doesn't discuss the needs of the project sufficiently to provide a spec, or even to work out that the developer doesn't even know what the meaning is of the item they were asked to write ?

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