Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Devaluing our profession

Check out this guy:

urgent help on book system

hi ppl,
i'm lookin for some web application for library system or book keeping.
my boss wants me to develop such a system for the office. does anyone
of you have such a system or can help me in building such a system.
the reason my boss wants it to be a web application because it'll not
be necessary to install the application on each PC. just a simple
link at the internet browser and the application opens up.
But i don't know a single thing about book keeping book management or
library system. if someone of you has such a system or
have developed such a system please be kind enough to help me.
Thanks in advance.

I replied:

ROTFL - your boss is an idiot. Why would he ask you do to this, if you're not able to do it ? I'd look for another job.

If you know how to program web applications, then you should be able to ask your boss what he wants and write it. If not, then tell him it's not your job to write web applications ( I hope it isn't, if you don't know how ), and that it's cheaper to buy something than to pay your wage while you dither around trying to learn.

and his basic response was

anyways i'm a newbie at web applications that's y askin for help. buthave to do somethin to save my job.

The question is, if managers think they can grab an office junior and tell them their job depends on their writing the accounting system for the company in C#, if this guy succeeds at all, it's because people online write it for him. I feel bad for him, I mean, it's easy to tell someone to leave their job, but life is not that simple. However, if he gets his way, then the boss has learned that he doesn't need to pay developers at all, someone on minimum wage with a web connection can write professional software nowadays, right ? Of course, it could never work out that way, but, that's the attitude that is being fostered. Development is just an office job, unskilled, easily farmed out. And it's not.

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