Monday, November 2, 2009

txt speak

Posts like this drive me insane:

Okay....then where i can change dat local setting in my browser or can i change it thro code itself??...

if it is possible in code
can you give me d snippet??

i hav seen this format change settings in MS dat possible in also?

Or this

hi guys can ne1 plzz tell me how to create a code for asynchronous messaging using MQ. for send/rescive and Publisher/Subscriber applications. send me the project or code for the same its very very urgent i hv to gv today evening....
thanks in advance

or this

Im gettin an exception saying "InvalidOperationException" nd it says "No data exists for the row/coloumn", for the following code, nd d exception results on the d line that has been underlined....please check d code nd help....plssss!!!!

or this

hi hesicong!! i hv seen ur project FILE TRANSFER FROM PC TO MOBILE PHONE i hv some prob about sdk.plzz tell me what is sdk and i could i get it?plzz give me detail about SDK. thnku

or this

Hallo frendz,
i wnt to make my apllication's exe will anyone tell me how to make executable file?....its urgent pliz ....

which got this reply:

Hey priya just be Happy i m here for u
Just Go the Solution Explorer Then Build Solution .ur .exe will be in the Folder u ve saved in ur project as .exe file exactly in Bin Folder just Find it there by going to Search in the Start up Menu

A phone has 12 odd buttons, and txt speak evolved because of how much work it is to type one character. A computer has 101 keys. Why can't people just type clearly ?

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