Tuesday, November 3, 2009

More software thieves

Last night I saw this post:

Inject Dll with the Application

Hello Experts,

I seen a software of redgate which name is smartassembly.

Regarding how can i inject dlls with the exe. This Process is also called Dependency Mearging.

Please give me the ideas.

My reply was as follows:

What do you want to do exactly ? What is it that you want to achieve ? You want to take dlls that your project uses, and make them part of the exe, so they are not seperate files ? You need to decompile your dlls, if you don't have the source already, and add the source to your main project. A tool would do this by decompiling all the source, and then merging it.

When I get up this morning, he had finally replied and a conversation had ensued:

Actually my application have two dlls in which application is dependent. I want to make my application to portable.

So i want to inject those dlls to with my application. i sees a software of redgate (smartassembly). Its works exectly which i want.But i want to use without purchasing any application. This process is called Dependency Mearger in software.

Please give me the technique for doing that.

Someone replied with 'buy it, or do what Christian said'. So, he asks:

Are u IT Professional.


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  1. Hmmm, I wrote an internal App for a company I worked for called "Project Welder" ... it would essentially take all the projects in a solution file and create one super project from them and it kept track of all the dependencies and such. It worked like a charm.

    The idea of this was that the obfuscator would could do a better job this way and we wouldn't be having DLL's named 'algorithms.dll' for someone to specifically target (don't want to make it easy for them).