Tuesday, November 3, 2009

This is just too hard to comprehend

I don't understand why software developers think it's OK to steal software. Of course, we're not really talking about developers, right ? I just saw this in a C++ forum:

hello friends how r u all??
hope enjoying ur life.
plz helpme to findout the cracked or full version of videoocx.
i tried alot to find its crack but i cant......
i tried n find this but its not working .....its fake.....
Name: Cindy J. Leonhardt Key: FE66-A8A7-2EB8-570E
plz helpme out......

Someone said 'you do realise you're asking how to steal something in a public forum', and he replies:

yes i realize but i hav no other option ...i hav to complete my final project and for this i hav to find this.can u help me.......

Four minutes later he replies to himself with:

plz help me ...tell me its corect user name and password

At this point one has to wonder why he thinks that anyone on this forum knows a username/password, let alone would give away something they paid for.

Then he tries to justify his actions:

there r so many things for the reason of cracking this software ....bcoz i hav not muchmoney tobuy this software...as i m a student ...so hope u can understand the whole situation

Now here's the kicker. As his attempts to steal this software via a forum failed, he used the article wizard on the site in question to create an article with the title:

plz help me to find cracked version of video ocx

These articles start with a boilerplate sample that says things like 'put a description of what your article does here'. He's not changed any of that, just the title. You'd think that someone willing to put this much time in could have just worked the same amount of time at McDonalds and paid for the component that way.

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