Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Every morning, I get up and find SO many posts I could blog about that I don't know where to start. This guy takes the cake tho.

Add Image in Picture box


I want to add image in picture box with the help of code not wizard.

Please help

Yes, the picture box control DOES have a property you set with an image. This is one line of code, clearly documented in MSDN, in any decent winforms book, etc.

So someone replied:

MSDN would tell that. Read about PictureBox class.

Since the wave of people who insist on full code answers, I tend to try to answer like this ( although this was not me ). I'll try to give people some keywords and perhaps a link, or if the task is more complex, describe exactly what they need to do in words, not code. Not to be difficult, but to help people learn some basic research skills as well as answering their question. How did this guy reply ?

bhai i know u are a very good fool& idiot.
i expect u that type of answer.

This was in a C# forum. This guy then posted in a VB forum:

types of loop

send ans with code

Now, this is a bit of a break in the sense that I suspect this guy is a 'student'. While I usually post about people who are obviously being paid for their code, the fact is that there's also a constant flood of people on programming forums asking for full solutions to their homework and refusing to do any work, and people trying to learn and thinking the world owes them an answer. This guy obviously falls into the latter category. I would not mind his asking very basic questions, I probably would have written a longer reply, explaining where MSDN is, what it is, etc. What I really object to, is how he thinks he should talk to people who are trying to help him, if they don't do all the work for him. The fact is, people who answer in these forums are a bit jaded nowadays by the flood of people who ask questions constantly and yet never seem to actually learn anything, and the people wanting to learn don't show any signs of being grateful for the free help they get.

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